Class Archive

New Year Inspiration Class - January 2016
Presented by Vicki Legman
"The Secrets of Collaboration: The Art of Working With Others"

Spring Leadership Class - May 2015
Presented by Nikki Rausch
"Building Your Business Without Being Pushy"

Business Ignition Group - May 2015
Facilitated by Chris Estes and Megan McGeowin

Winter Leadership Event - January 2015
Facilitated by Sara Lawson, MPA, CFRE, CPCC
"Shaping Your Future: Authentic Leadership and the Power of Negotiation"

Spring Inspiration - May 2014
Presented by Piper Lauri Salogga & Sandra Fischer
“Defining Your Dream: The Power of Vision Boarding”

Business Ignition Group - May 2014
Facilitated by Chris Estes and Megan McGeowin

Winter Leadership Class - January 2014
Presented by Dr. Monica Dixon
"Embrace Change: How to navigate your path to live powerfully and passionately"

Business Ignition Group - May 2013
Facilitated by Chris Estes and Megan McGeowin

Spring Inspiration - May 2013
Facilitated by Coaches Mary Jane Pioli & Jeaneen Schmidt
“Lean Into Your Strengths to Be a Wholehearted Leader”

Winter Leadership Class - January 2013
Facilitated by the Henley Leadership Group
“Kick Off Your New Year with the Power of Collaboration”

Fall Leadership Class -  November 2012
Presented by Carol Zizzo, the Henley Leadership Group
“The Power of Collaboration”

Spring Inspiration - May 2012
Part One presented by Margo Myers, Executive Director of Springboard Academy
"Perfecting Your Professional Profile"

Part Two presented by Shauna Casey, Social Media Maven
"Bring Your Online Profile to Life"

Fall Leadership Class - November 2011
Presented by Carol Sanford, CEO of InterOctave Inc.
"How to Successfully Work For Yourself (Even When You Have A Boss)"

Inspiration Series - May / June 2011

Presented by Mona Campbell of Tactical CFO
Parts 1 & 2 "Leading your business to water..." “…and making it drink.”

Presented by Beth Buelow, The Introvert Entrepreneur
"Introvert Superpowers, Activate!" 

Inspiration Series—September / October 2010
Presented by Mind Coach and Hynotherapist David Zarza
“Get Over Yourself & Create the Success Mindset”

Presented by Sonya Stoklosa, Executive and Professional Coach
“The Executive Athlete: Optimizing Your Competitive Edge”

Presented by Marilyn Richards
“Handling Challenging Situations in the Workplace: Moving from Chaos to Confidence When Adversity Strikes”

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