Our Work

WBE is a not-for-profit organization with an educational mission.  We are run almost exclusively by volunteer members, with a program that brings powerful speakers to the podium and leadership to the table.  

What We offer:

  • Monthly breakfast events featuring influential speakers who provide insights, inspiration and information on important topics along with networking opportunities.
  • Classes and workshops.
  • Leadership, volunteering, scholarship and mentoring programs to increase visibility and showcase expertise.

How we serve the community:

  • We provide a forum for more meaningful conversations about important working women's issues and concerns
  • We provide business and career education and networking opportunities for all working women
  • We provide opportunities to develop skills, expand perspectives and grow professionally through our volunteering and mentorship programs
  • We donate membership, event and program scholarships for women in need
  • We offer a supportive community and friendship to help women achieve their own personal and professional transformation

Our Mission

WBE is committed to creating a community of compassionate women business leaders. We empower women to grow personally and professionally by providing opportunities for learning, leadership, networking and mentoring. We conduct business on a foundation that recognizes our common human spirit and the desire for universal acceptance.

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