Transforming the Future of Women in Business.

WBE is devoted to helping working women achieve more career, entrepreneurial, and business success. Our members, board chairs, keynote speakers, and class facilitators share one vision: to transform the future of women in business through education and the modeling of leadership so that today's professional women are inspired to reach for and achieve their full professional potential.

Originally founded in 1979, WBE is Seattle's longest-running professional women's networking organization.



“It’s a safe space for me to expand myself. I have the opportunity to try something different each time I show up. The feedback is genuine. I am inspired.”

“I’ve learned a lot observing others—how they relate to each other, how they look at ideas, business concepts, and running the board. I’ve made friends, increased my circle of influence, and met people I wouldn’t have otherwise met.”

“I can be as involved as I care to be. I am developing leadership skills, I am learning about business, about working cooperatively with people, about different learning and behavior styles, and I’m having fun.”

“I like the energy of WBE. It has a very high ‘vibration’ that resonates with me. It’s familiar, so I feel like I’m at home. I like that I don’t feel pitched at all the time and I like the sincerity of the people.”

“WBE has helped me to articulate and clarify how to describe myself and my business, and feel more confident in doing so.”

“I see WBE members as women who want to grow their businesses or careers from the inside out. They seek mutual exchanges of value, talents, skills, or goods.”

“Because WBE’s foundation is based in recognizing our oneness with others and the universe, it attracts women from a wide array of professions who may not appear to have a lot in common, but in fact it is those differences that offer the opportunity for us to expand our wholeness.”



Our Mission

WBE is committed to creating a community of compassionate women business leaders. We empower women to grow personally and professionally by providing opportunities for learning, leadership, networking and mentoring. We conduct business on a foundation that recognizes our common human spirit and the desire for universal acceptance.

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