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WBE invites you to accelerate your career and your  business in a community of intelligent and influential women business leaders, mentors and business owners.

At WBE, women form deep professional and personal relationships that serve as a foundation for future business options and opportunities.


WBE’s events and programs provide education, perspectives and information to help women tap into and leverage their strengths in order to get more value out of their business and working careers.  If you would like more information about WBE membership, contact our Membership Committee Chair at

Member Benefits:

  • Discounted pricing on all WBE events and programs—up to 35% discount on breakfast events and 45% discount on WBE classes and programs!
  • Discounted marketing tables in the monthly WBE MarketPlace
  • Affordable and targeted advertising opportunities
  • Listing in WBE’s prestigious, online Membership Directory
  • Opportunity to be affiliated with and publicly recognized as a part of a respected women’s business community
  • Participation in WBE’s Featured Member program
  • Ability to offer services, classes, or other expertise through WBE programs and events
  • Leadership opportunities—including the opportunity to apply for and serve on the Executive Board or Board of Directors

Featured Member

Rosie Lynch 

Esthetician, Reflexologist and a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Internaional

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WBE offers a host of membership opportunities for all working women. You can shape your membership and experience to suit your individual business and career needs. Each level offers unique advantages.

Individual Memberships ($250 per year)

  • Individual membership covers one person, and is owned by that person. If the member leaves their job, the membership remains with the individual. Includes discounted registration for that member to breakfast events and workshops.
  • If you select individual membership when joining or renewing with WBE, you as an individual will personally retain the membership regardless of your employer for the duration of the membership year.

For the year 2018, we will be pro-rating memberships. To receive the discount code that may be entered during registration.
Please contact the WBE

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