About Membership

Let’s Rise Up Together!

Membership is an invaluable part of WBE’s longstanding success. WBE invites professional women and business owners across industry and experience, from diverse social, cultural and economic demographics, to engage, learn, and grow with each other.

We welcome women who are well-established in their work and business, as well as women just starting out, or starting over.

1. WBE is a rewarding community of professional women who VALUE authenticity, diversity, and meaningful relationships.

2. Rooted in inner-wisdom and effective skill development, WBE is committed to supporting women to LEAD and SUCCEED a Woman’s Way.

3. We thrive together as we grow our businesses and ourselves with those we Know, Like, and Trust.

4. WBE’s programming is designed specifically to INSPIRE and CULTIVATE our power as women, collectively and individually, through:

    • Monthly breakfasts featuring inspirational women speakers who have embraced their own power of leadership in business and civic life.
    • Quarterly workshops that delve deeper into the hot topics of our time (from diversity and inclusion to social media that works).
    • Meaningful mentorship opportunities through board leadership and committee work, and annual programs like WBE’s Business Ignition Group.

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.” Dali Lama

3X and Join Policy

We love it when new potential members try us on, see if we’re the right fit for your INVESTMENT of time and business relationship-building. And we realize that it is COMMITMENT that makes the difference in how you receive those invaluable returns.

That is why we have our “3X and Join” policy. We want to support our members to intentionally build community. Community made up of inspired, authentic women who want to lead and work a woman’s way. And we want you to be a part of it.

To reap the benefits and grow yourself and your work with us—JOIN TODAY.