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WBE is managed by its all-volunteer Board of Directors and Executive Board. The Executive Board is made up of multiple Committee Chair positions who handle the day-to-day management of WBE. Serving for a two-year term, the Chairs manage their individual committees and “Board Assists,” directing vital activities that include program development, speaker selection, breakfast registration and logistics, volunteers, and marketing communications.

Only WBE members are eligible to apply. Candidates are invited to submit their applications for open Executive Board positions during the fall recruitment period.

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WBE Board of Directors

Karen Howlett, Board of Directors Chair 2008 – Present
As Chair of the Board of the Women’s Business Exchange, Karen serves on the Board of Directors providing oversight of the organization’s foundational structure, finances and strategy.  Karen’s involvement in WBE Board related positions began in 2008 and includes serving as Treasurer from 2008-present.  Karen owns, operates, and leads all aspects of day-to-day business for a small steel company that provides fabricated and stock steel and metal materials to contractors and erectors, primarily in the construction industry. Her expertise includes generating profitable revenue, managing cash flow, supervising employees, controlling expenses, and growing the business. 

Email: kmh@mcsweeneysteel.com
Phone: 206.583.0673
Website: www.mcsweeneysteel.com

Nikki Rausch, Board of Directors Secretary 2013 – Present

Nikki has been a member of WBE for over three years and was a part of the executive board for two years, serving at the Social Media Chair in 2013 and the VP of Membership in 2014. Nikki is now a part of the Board of Directors. Nikki is an author and founder of Sales Maven, where she teaches business owners selling and communication skills.

Email: nikki@yoursalesmaven.com
Phone: 360.509.6399
Website: www.yoursalesmaven.com

Naomi Kakiuchi, Board of Directors Founder’s Chair 1995 – Present
Naomi has a long history with WBE. Her past roles include both President and Chair of the Board of Directors. As Program Director Naomi serves on the Board of Directors, bringing top-level business leaders to inspire WBE’s monthly breakfast and outside classes and programs. Naomi Kakiuchi is President of NuCulinary, a culinary education company with a mission of sharing food and culture to bring people together. NuCulinary specializes in creating interactive cooking classes, parties, corporate wellness education, and teambuilding events that offer a balanced blend of food, history, nutrition, and fun.

Email: naomi@nuculinary.com
Phone: 206.932.3855
Website: www.nuculinary.com

Madhu K. Singh, Board of Directors Treasurer 2011 – Present

Madhu K. Singh, Chief Legal Officer of the Foundry Law Group. An entrepreneur to the core, Madhu draws from her firsthand experience and strong community roots to help our clients build strategic legal frameworks for success.

Email: madhu@foundrylawgroup.com / info@foundrylawgroup.com
Phone: 206.408.8111
Website: www.foundrylawgroup.com

WBE Executive Board

Cheryl Clemans, President 

Cheryl is a multi-faceted Marketing specialist proficient at collaborating with multiple stakeholders to determine audience interest and develop strategic go-to-market communication plans that align with your company’s business priorities and initiatives delivering results-oriented growth.

Email: cheryl.clemans@gmail.com
Phone: 510.910.0567
Website: www.revereflexpak.com

Inderjeet Ramgotra, Past President 

Inderjeet Ramgotra guides her patients to radiant health and relief from pain. As an acupuncturist and herbalist, she provides hands on healing to relieve pain, help you feel better and get more out of life. Inderjeet treats women’s health issues such as menstrual and menopause problems, infertility issues and much more. Acupuncture is a natural way of helping the body heal itself without relying on drugs or surgery. She practices gentle acupuncture, with none of the pain you might associate with needles. Inderjeet has helped hundreds of people live pain free with increased vitality and improved health.

Email: inderjeet@irhealth.com / i.ramgotra@gmail.com

Vicki Legman, Speaker Chair 2014 – Present

For 27 years, though high energy training events, Vicki Legman has been helping organizations, teams and individuals increase effectiveness, build business relationships, communicate clearly and strengthen teams. 

Email: vicki@legmancommunication.com
Legman Communication Training

Carolyne Simi, Speaker Co-Chair 

Carolyne Simi serves as co-chair along with Vicki Legman and the great team of women who provide us with the Speakers we love every month. In her work life, she is CEO and Founder of Your Project Planner where she provides Project Management and Business Documentation services for small to medium sized businesses who can’t justify having a PM on staff. In short, she empowers business owners to the next level of success by planning, managing and documenting the projects that will get them there.

Email:  carolyne@yourprojectplanner.com

Sarah Lyu, Membership Co-Chair 2017 – Present

Sarah Lyu is a Safer Beauty Educator at Beautycounter, a leader in the safer beauty movement whose mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Sarah and her team educate consumers on harmful or questionable ingredients through our “Never List”, advocate for more health-protective personal care laws and offer a solution through safer products. Beautycounter is a certified B Corporation, meeting rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency of which there are currently only 2,000 certified B Corps worldwide. Watch this short video to learn more about Beautycounter.

Email: sarahlyu@comcast.net
Phone: 415.517.5077

Julie Rubinstein, Membership Co-Chair 

As owner and principle consultant, Julie partners with organizations to support their leaders in building the capabilities needed to fulfill their strategic commitments. Her work focuses on supporting leaders and organizations in cultivating cultures that align with their direction, building teams that can do more collectively than they can individually, and developing individuals to rise to the complex and adaptive environments in which they work.

Email:  julie@rubinsteinconsulting.net
Phone: 206.790.5120  

Libby Fender, Sponsorship Co-Chair 2017 – Present

Libby Fender is a Wealth Strategist, serving the greater Seattle and Bellevue communities. An entrepreneur at heart, she is at her happiest when teaching business leaders how to design, improve and manage their internal financial systems.

Email: Libby.Fender@msn.com

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