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Name: Catherine Bachy  (pronounced “bawshee”)

Business Name: Leadership Coach and Clarity Finder

Business Phone: (206) 265-0979

Web Address: ameripriseadvisors.com/carol.a.davis

Catherine Bachy believes that leadership is not just a title.  And that all of us can lead skillfully from wherever we stand.  Catherine blends her background in mindfulness and the martial art of aikido to help individuals and teams develop their innate leadership capacities through the practice of Leadership Embodiment.

Leadership Embodiment helps leaders tap into the body’s innate wisdom and awareness to access and sustain the qualities of leadership presence necessary in today’s dynamic and pressure filled organizations.

Catherine works with individual leaders one on one.  And she also brings her expertise to teams to help her clients successfully sustain high performance, create positive work environments and manage conflict and stress along the way.

Catherine brings extensive experience working with entrepreneurs and leaders in both corporate and public sector settings.

She teaches a class at the University of Washington called Mindfulness and Leadership and also offers keynote talks and workshops for organizational conferences and off site meetings.

A certified coach from Newfield Network and Leadership Embodiment International, Catherine also holds Masters Degrees in Organizational Leadership (Seattle University) and Adult International Education (University of Massachusetts) and a BS degree from Georgetown University.

To learn more about her work visit:  www.catherinebachy.com.

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