Business Ignition Group

How are you using your own creative talents and skills to IGNITE your business and work? How are you showing up in a wholehearted and pragmatic way to grow the business and life that you want to grow? Join Libby Wagner, poet, trusted advisor and coach, for a unique approach to BIG!

10 women for 10 months working closely with poet, coach and trusted advisor, Libby Wagner, and each other.

INFUSE your work/business with INSPIRATION and artistry so that you can:

  1. Integrate and infuse principles of artistry practice and awareness into your life and work. These include Intention, Creation, Refinement, Offering, Receiving
  2. Receive inspired resource list (articles, books, videos, songs, poems, visuals for your nourishment and provocation)
  3. Connect with like-minded professionals who desire a wholehearted approach to their work and lives
  4. Address the common saboteurs: confidence, money/fees, marketing, time management, decision-making
  5. Stand firmly, strongly and powerfully in your VOICE

This is for you if . . .

You’re ready for something to inspire you to even greater depth and breadth in your livelihood

  1. You’re longing for more pleasure and satisfaction and success
  2. You’re curious about how you might be more creative than you can imagine (whether or not you think you are ‘creative’ or ‘artistic’)
  3. You’re ready to be in relationship with your work (and not a slave to your work)


Member Price: $495

Note: This is a WBE member only opportunity.



BIG will meet Wednesdays 3 – 6 pm unless otherwise noted.  Exact dates to be announced Summer 2019.

New BIG group to begin October 2019.


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