Think of a moment when you felt connected to a group of women. Maybe it was during one of our monthly networking breakfasts when any of our featured speakers like Pamela Hinkley, CEO of Tom Douglas Kitchen or internationally acclaimed artist Humaira Abid or poet extraordinaire Libby Wagner or people accelerator Joanna Bloor or interior designer and author Rebecca West struck a beautiful chord that resonated with your compassionate business soul…or maybe it was our annual evening gala with Justice Mary Yu who touched us with her amazing journey to become Washington state’s first openly gay, first Asian American and first Latina Justice…or maybe it was sitting next to an amazing woman that was looking for guidance or a resource and you two felt so perfectly aligned to help each other….

No matter how these experiences happen, a meaningful connection can help us tap into that feeling of being part of this community of women who lift each other up and support each other in our professional and personal growth.

On May 9th, GiveBIG is a special opportunity for you to show your support to our community of women – to come together and invest in inspiring local nonprofits like the Women’s Business Exchange. Even though GiveBIG has passed – there still is opportunity to Give to WBE; this amazing community of women.

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