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April Breakfast


"Building Your Resilience Toolkit"

Featuring Jennie Shortridge, Author, Co-Founder of Seattle7Writers, Mental Health Advocate, and Musician      

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When: April 14, 2016  -  7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Where:  Women's University Club

Resilience is a beautiful word. It evokes trees surviving winter, the first day of sun after a loss, or the flood of exhilaration from the yes after one hundred versions of “no”. But it’s more than just a word; it is a skill we can cultivate in order to achieve self-love, life satisfaction, and that which we define as success through the ups and downs of a well-lived life and career.

Best-selling novelist Jennie Shortridge relied on resilience early in life to navigate the complexities of a childhood choreographed around her mother’s mental illness. She has worked to strengthen and consciously commit to that skill in order to achieve her goals in life, including becoming a professional writer. In her novels, she puts her soul up for evaluation with every word she writes. Her resiliency comes in no small part from the community she has built, which supports and encourages her through the creative process and her journey of discovery.

Join us for breakfast as Jennie talks about the fundamentals of building resilience, why it is so important to emotional and career survival, and how your community can be essential to your own resilience.

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Ann Crosby

After obtaining a Professional Culinary Arts Degree at the International Culinary Center in New York, I was fortunate to build my career in several restaurants. However, I always wanted to be my own boss, gain financial independence and build a business the way I wanted. Thanks to the invaluable help of WBE, I managed to overcome doubts and fears and open my own catering, working with our clients in mind. This path was not easy, but every difficult step on the way to the dream is worth the goal achieved.

Jody Tyler

I felt the necessity to change my life five months after my son was born. That was not an easy decision, as starting something new is always scary. Sometimes it seems that your life is suddenly divided into before and after. Feels like you put your own life on hold and give all of yourself to the family. However, the support of the like-minded and the inspiring stories of those who have already walked this path induced me to action. Being a primary art teacher for a significant part of my life, I decided to start giving private lessons. Two years later, I opened my own school of arts for people of all ages.

Alicia Banks

My relatives and friends were skeptical about my crafts and the idea of selling handmade jewelry. However, I did not give up and believed in success with the huge support of the WBE members. I had to learn the basics of marketing, business planning, and promotion, but the hard work and investing in your own knowledge and skills always pays off. Now I am the owner of a successful online store, and soon I am going to open my first offline store.

Melanie O'Donnell

I always thought I was a good doer but not a leader. However, I gained tremendous experience during ten years of working as a hairdresser and began to think about how I would organize work in my salon if I could open it one day. In WBE, they help me to move from thought to action. My example is a confirmation that it is never too late to change your life. You just need to believe in yourself and get ready for hard work.

Tyra Johnson

I always wanted to be of service to our society and do something that would help women who get in difficult situations. As I grew up without a father, I found it necessary to support single mothers facing financial difficulties. After obtaining a Finance Degree at Seattle University and years of working in First Sound Bank, I got a job in a lending company that provides emergency cash for single mothers. Feeling that I can help those who need it most makes me feel happy every day.

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